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Trekk Ship Pack #3 (Fleet Games) (Jason Miller Design) (SciFi)

Trekk Ship Pack #3 (Fleet Games) (Jason Miller Design) (SciFi)

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BigMillerBro makes amazing bundles of models each month including for Fleet Games. This is one of those bundles of models! Bundle #3

The the famous Trekk Ships of our childhood are fantastically brought to life by Jason's hand.  These Sci-Fi Ships has sleek lines and sharp edges and rounded curves. 8 models arrive unprimed and unassembled. 

1. Battleship

2. Cruiser

3. DSeis

4. Fast Cruiser

5. Passenger Cruiser

6. Patriot

7. Prawn

8. Rapier

Below is a link to the Artist - BigMillerBro 


Jason Miller has been design for over a decade.  His unique vision brings miniatures, terrain, vehicles and accessories to your tabletop game. Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Custom - Jason tackles it all.  Thank you for your interest in and support of their work!


Interested in the digital 3D printing files?  Find this design and more for personal-use only, at Jason's Patreon and Gumroad pages: and

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