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Tion Medon inspired model (Legion) (SciFi) (Raven X)

Tion Medon inspired model (Legion) (SciFi) (Raven X)

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Raven X Studios has brought you some great tabletop models inspired by a Galaxy Far, far away...

Tion Medon was an administrator on the wind blasted world of Utapau. One of the ruling cast, this alien has amazing detail shown in the model with it's distinct facial markings. This is a great objective marker or RPG mini. 

Purchase includes 1 Tion Medon Model and 27mm base

approximately 1/47mm scale miniature.

Perfect for table top gaming, wargaming, dioramas, and hobbyists. Everything in our webstore is completely unofficial. It is not endorsed by or affiliated with Disney or Lucasarts.

Below is a link to the Artist - Raven X Studios 


Raven X Studios has brought many unique models to the tabletop gaming community across many genre's, including models inspired by great Star Wars and Star Trek characters. Looking to the future Raven X Studios plans to branch out and Ham Solo can't wait to print these great models! 


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