Belbullab-22 Unit Squadron (SciFi) (Resin Engine) (Fleet)

Belbullab-22 Unit Squadron (SciFi) (Resin Engine) (Fleet)

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The Belbullab-22 Squadrons for fleet war games.

"Grievous modified his fighter with a top-of-the-line hyperdrive allowing the cyborg general to stay mobile on a galaxy-wide scale", General Kenobi...

With each purchase, you will get 8 miniatures for 8 individual squadron.

Miniatures will fit in Armada flight bases.

Miniatures come unpainted.

Miniature is printed in Clear or Gray Resin.

Bases not included.

Model created by:

Ethan LeRoith

Produced and distributed under commercial license from Ethan LeRoith.


1.22 x 1.91 x 0.57 cm

Suitable for any Fleet Tabletop Games.