Nebulon Custom Frigate  (Onil) (Fleet Games)

Nebulon Custom Frigate (Onil) (Fleet Games)

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Olin creations has brought to life the amazing Nebulon Class of Ships used by the Rebel Terrorists from the infamous space opera we all know and love.  The standard keyway for use in Armada bases is built right into this model for easy use as a proxy in your next game.  Onil really captured the amazing detail in these models.

3, Nebulon Class custom models arrive unassembled and unprimed.  These models are super quick to paint! 

About the Artist:

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Onil Creations is creating great fleet game scaled miniatures. Classic Ships to Original Visions Onil is making it and releasing new models every month.

If you see a model and you want a different scale for it, please ask.  Ham Solo offers scaling services as well as our printing and LED wiring offerings for fleet game miniatures and obstacles.