Modern Warfare Squad Builder Bundle 1 (Jason Miller Design) (1/100)

Modern Warfare Squad Builder Bundle 1 (Jason Miller Design) (1/100)

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Jason Miller has created a fantastic squad builder starter bundle for a beginner looking to expand their forces for their next 1/100 scale tabletop battle. These models have amazing detail for a 1/100 scale model and once painted these little guys pop on the table.

Painting is quick, easy and fun. Models arrive unprimed and in some cases unassembled.

This Squad Builder Bundle includes:

PLA Squad = 5 mini's

Operatives Squad = 5 mini's

LAW Squad = 3 x 2 = 6 mini's mirrored

US Forces Squad = 10 mini's

Special Operatives Squad = 4 mini's

Sweden Squad = 3x2 = 6 mini's mirrored

Russian Squad = 16 mini's

Weapon Accessories = 3 x4 = 12 accessories mini's


Total Mini's included 52 soldiers with equipment & 12 extra weapons