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MK-IV Attack Droids (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage) (Stargrave)

MK-IV Attack Droids (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage) (Stargrave)

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Looking for a something different? Check out the Ancient MK-IV Attack Droids from Anvilrage Studios

This highly detailed model of the ancient Attack Droids of the old angry space wizards, looks lethal! This version comes complete with blasters, sensors and deadly looking spear like legs. Comes in a 2 pack bundle ready to be assembled and painted! Whether you play RPG's, Legion or Stargrave this model wants to be on your tabletop

Purchase Includes 2 mini's in the following poses:

Pose 1 - stalking (x1)

Pose 2 - ready to attack (x1)

50mm Basic Base (x2)


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