Masked Insurgents Bundle (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Black Remnant)

Masked Insurgents Bundle (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Black Remnant)

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Black Remnant has created the Masked Insurgents Bundle to add a great proxy for your Sci-Fi Tabletop! These armored mercenaries have incredible detailed weapons and armor with robes to conceal their motives. Breather masks protect them from the harsh environments they are tasked with operating in. Models have the little iconic details we would hope to see in a sci-fi tabletop mini. 

Purchase Includes parts for up to 7 mini's in the following possible poses:

Mini 1 - Commander with range finder

Mini 2 - Kneeling rifle aimed

Mini 3 - walking rifle shouldered

Mini 4 - walking rifle at guard

Mini 5 - Dual weapons

Mini 6 - Rifle aimed standing

Mini 7 - Rifle at guard walking

Purchase includes parts for 7 unique mini's. 

Mini's arrive unassembled and unprimed with 7 basic 27mm basic bases

If you are looking to print these amazing models of Black Remnant for yourself check them out here:
If you have very specific needs or requests please email in regards to scaling. Please note special requests or scaling may result in an additional fee, depending on the request.