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Hell Hounds (DandD) (Sci-Fi) (DSM) (Stargrave)

Hell Hounds (DandD) (Sci-Fi) (DSM) (Stargrave)

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Squamous Miniatures has created unique visions of miniatures for table top gaming.  This highly detailed model of an "infamous" Hell Hounds species is an awesome proxy unit for any Sci-Fi, Stargrave, Fantasy, D&D and many more  tabletop games and are scaled to fit 34-40mm games.

These models come in a 6 pack bundle and makes a great Monsters, Objective Markers or just great proxy unit! Get 2 of each model shown with the amazing bases!

The models arrive unassembled and unprimed. These are easy to assemble with included bases and fun to paint. Models come with (6), 26.5mm basic bases.

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