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Guerilla Bears Bundle (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage)

Guerilla Bears Bundle (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage)

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Anvilrage Studios has created the Guerilla Bears to add a great proxy for your Sci-Fi Tabletop! These Fan Favorite alien is a unique set of forces to your collection. Need a new Stargrave crew? This bundle is flexible for any Sci-Fi table top game you may be considering.

Purchase Includes 10 mini's in the following poses:

Pose 1 - Rock Runner 

Pose 2 - Arrow Away

Pose 3 - Spear Thrower

Pose 4 - Spear at Rest

Pose 5 - Archer Arrow Notched 

Pose 6 - Running Mace

Pose 7 - Arrow being readied

Pose 8 - Mace & Primitive Axe

Pose 9 - Spear & primitive axe

Pose 10 - Spear at guard

Purchase includes 10 unique mini's. If you have very specific needs or requests please email in regards to scaling. Please note special requests or scaling may result in an additional fee, depending on the request.

Mini's arrive unassembled and unprimed with 10 basic 27mm bases

If you are looking to print these amazing models of Anvilrage Studios for yourself check them out here:
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