Gozanti Variants - 7 pack (Onil) (Fleet)

Gozanti Variants - 7 pack (Onil) (Fleet)

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Onil has created a unique vision of Gozanti Class ships from a fan favorite sci-fi space opera. This has been scaled down beautifully to fit Armada and other tabletop games, serving as a great proxy ship for your fleet. The detail captured on the frame and silhouette are remarkable and the different variants create unique version of the same model. Once primed and painted these ships come to life on the table. 

Some assembly of the Gozanti variants is required and the model arrives unprimed or painted. Some light sanding may be required for perfect fitting. Fits bases for Armada stands as it comes with it's own peg fitting adaptor for the stand. 

MODELS DO NOT Come with a stand. Models and their parts ONLY arrive in your order.

Seven (7) variants of the Gozanti come in this order along with payloads:

2: Assault Troop Carriers

4: Star fighters

2: Scout Walkers

Or Ham solo also makes standard bases if you need them.  See the fleet games collection for more details

About the Artist:

Patreon Link: https://www.patreon.com/onilcreations

Onil Creations is creating great fleet game scaled miniatures. Classic Ships to Original Visions Onil is making it and releasing new models every month.

If you see a model and you want a different scale for it, please ask.  Ham Solo offers scaling services as well as our printing and LED wiring offerings for fleet game miniatures and obstacles.