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Fleet Trooper NPC Objective Bundle (Raven X) (Legion)

Fleet Trooper NPC Objective Bundle (Raven X) (Legion)

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Raven X has just released these amazing Fleet Trooper NPC bundle.  Many fan favorite aliens are included in this Sci-Fi bundle that can be used objective markers, NPC or even individual unique mini's for your next star grave game.

Included in your purchase:

1. Hammerhead Alien Laborer

2. Three eyed Alien

3. Beaked Alien

4. Pug Alien Sniper

5. Human Comm Specialist

6. Horned Alien Logistic Specialist

7. 6x 27mm basic bases


Below is a link to the Artist - Raven X Studios 

Raven X Studios has brought many unique models to the tabletop gaming community across many genre's, including models inspired by great Star Wars and Star Trek characters. Looking to the future Raven X Studios plans to branch out and Ham Solo can't wait to print these great models! 


Interested in the digital 3D printing files?  Find this design and more for personal-use only, at Gumroad page:

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