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Female Jungle Fighters Bundle (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

Female Jungle Fighters Bundle (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

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Squamous Miniatures has released the Female Jungle Fighters! These highly detailed models of skilled jungle warriors will bring a great proxy to your stargrave forces. Purchase includes:

1. (1) Female humanoid pointing pistol

2. (1) Female human running with rifle 

3. (1) Female human pointing rifle

4. (1) Female Heavy Weapon crouching 

5. (1) Female Rotating Canon

6. (1) Female Chagrian with pistol

7. (1) Female rifle with dreads and thermal charges

8. (1) Female Twi'lek with pistol

9. (1) Female humanoid sitting with viewfinder

Eight (9) total models arrive unassembled and unprimed. These are easy to assemble and completely modular with included bases and fun to paint. Models come with 27mm Squamous basic bases.

If you are looking to print these amazing models of squamous Miniatures for yourself check them out here:

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