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Eastern Trolls 4 Pack (Kolbehs) (SciFi) (DandD)

Eastern Trolls 4 Pack (Kolbehs) (SciFi) (DandD)

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Kolbehs has hit a critical roll with this sculpt! The Eastern Trolls have arrived and are ready to displace your ranks of spearmen and shield bearers.  These highly detailed Trolls are crafted with care and are modular!

Designed to fit on a 60mm base, this troll is modular, giving you nearly infinite variations. The arms and hands of the troll also fit with some other major brands. Please be sure to check photos for comparisons. If you would like anything scaled down/up, please contact before purchasing.

Purchases arrives with:
4 - Head Options,
2 - Body Options, (x 2/Standing & 2/Walking)
Arm Options for up to 4 Trolls,
and 7 Weapon/Hand Options for your 4 Trolls
4 - 65mm basic bases
We at Ham Solo suggest you take 2mm magnets and fashion them on the arms and weapons to create the ability to change out your trolls for different engagements on your table. The extra parts can also make great gore or base greebles for your 65mm base.

Below is a link to the Artist - Kolbehs

Kolbehs has brought their unique designs to Ham Solo's shop! If your looking for unique Mini's that you can not find in other designers catalogs, look no further. Inspired by the famous Sci-Fi characters like the Horned King to the Gungans Booma squads and Rukh the Noghri to Famous Naboo Guards! Kolbehs vision and style are bringing great mini's to your tabletop!

Interested in the digital 3D printing files?  Find this design and more for personal-use only, at Kolbehs page:

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