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DF 9000 Swivel Cannon 2 Pack (Legion) (Pocket Dimension Studios) (SciFi)

DF 9000 Swivel Cannon 2 Pack (Legion) (Pocket Dimension Studios) (SciFi)

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"Don't let those walkers slip through!  Our shield systems (and everyone we forced to live on this icy hell) depend on it!"

As close to movie-accurate as I could make it in detail and proportions, the DF 9000 Swivel Cannon fits perfectly on a 100mm base to serve as a perfect proxy for your Legion Hoth Dish Turret!

Both versions feature a swiveling laser cannon head, an optional openable hatch, and an included disk for kitbashing your own gunner to pop out of the top!

2 models arrive hollowed and unassembled. 2 100mm bases are also included in the purchase


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale)


Below is a link to the Artist - Pocket Dimension Studios


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