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Desert Rats Speeder (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

Desert Rats Speeder (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

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Squamous Miniatures has created a sweet vehicle, the Desert Rat Speeder!  Ready to tackle the desert terrain with the freedom fighters trying to dispatch the dictators forces.

The Vehicle is packed with details & freedom fighters. Squamous spared no expense on the imagination on this one. Check out the alien heads, clothing and equipment, all fighters are ready to cause chaos for the dictators forces

A riflemen scout rides in the back with a rocket launcher opens the path ahead!

Included in this purchase:

Vehicle Main Body x1

clear Flight stand x1

Pilot model x1

Gunner model x1

Riflemen model x1

Rocket Launcher model x1

100mm Desert Basic Base x1


If you are looking to print these amazing models of squamous Miniatures for yourself check them out here:

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