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Dampspine Camp Terrain (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

Dampspine Camp Terrain (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

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Squamous Miniatures has created an epic version of a desert lizards from everyone's favorite space opera. This terrain piece adds an awesome LOS disruptor and brings your tabletop terrain to an all new level.

This ain't your daddy's cardboard cut up terrain, this is the real deal.  Hard plastic is durable and long lasting, comes ready to prime and paint

Notes about the Artist:
Squamous Miniatures scale models between Heroic 28mm and 32mm (1:46-1:56 scale), and they are sculpted with care by a 30-year veteran of the toy industry for ease of assembly and painting.  If you are looking for a specific scale please email us at with your request and we will try to rescale.

If you are looking to print these amazing models of squamous Miniatures for yourself check them out here:

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