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Head Tentacled Rebel Leader (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage) (Stargrave)

Head Tentacled Rebel Leader (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage) (Stargrave)

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Looking for a something different? An alien or trooper in a unique pose you can't find anywhere else, Anvilrage Studios has you covered!

This highly detailed model of the Rebel Leader, is an amazing addition to your Sci-Fi forces. This version comes complete with sci-fi pistol, unique boots, knee pads, holster and pauldrons. The head tentacles complete this amazing alien. Whether you play Legion or Stargrave this model wants to be on your tabletop

Purchase Includes 2 mini's in the following poses:

Pose - Pistol at the ready (x2) - one model is mirrored

27mm Basic Base (x2)

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