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BoarTech Bundle (Legion) (SciFi) (DSM)

BoarTech Bundle (Legion) (SciFi) (DSM)

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"Ensure the chamber does not kill Skywalker"
"It's not made for this Lord Vader, he may not survive the carbon freezing process"

Thank Goodness the Boar Technicians knew what they were doing... (Phew)

 Squamous Miniatures, has develop the BoarTech! Please find them here: They are amazing and so is David, so please send him some love and checkout his store and Patreon!

You Will Receive the Following:

  • Receive two of the famous Bounty Hunter Helper models in this purchase!
  • (7x) Squamous Industrial 27mm bases
  • 5 Unique Models (2x doubles)
  • 7x Total mini's


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale


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