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Beast Master Witch & her mount (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage)

Beast Master Witch & her mount (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (Anvilrage)

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Anvilrage Studios has created the Beast Tamer Witch with mount! This outstanding model adds a amazing proxy for your Sci-Fi Tabletop! This Fan Favorite Legendary alien rider and the Pug-nosed long reaching mount, it rode in on.. is a unique set to add to your collection.  The details on the creatures armored shoulders and clawed hands are magnificent!!! This bundle is flexible for any Sci-Fi table top game you may be considering and also great for modeling and diorama creation.

Purchase Includes 1x Pug-nosed Beast & 1x Rider models in the following pose:

Legendary Beast model

Beast Tamer Witch Rider model

100mm Basic Base

All models arrive unassembled and unprimed


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