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Baby Chicken Walker 2 Pack (Legion) (Pocket Dimension Studios) (SciFi)

Baby Chicken Walker 2 Pack (Legion) (Pocket Dimension Studios) (SciFi)

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"I don't understand why they keep making these walkers."

Give your Rebels a boost with the Baby Chick Walker!  Perfectly suited and sized to proxy your run-of-the-mill two-legged walker with exposed operator!  Get those troops behind armor plating, dagnabit!  And give them guns!  Big guns!

This personal transport (meant for all-terrain use) features fully poseable legs!  Glue them together in any pose you'd like!  The choices are infinite, just like my appreciation for you!

You Will Receive the Following:

  • Baby Chick Walker inclusive of:
    • Main Hull x2
    • Poseable legs and feet x4 (each part
  • Plain 70mm base x2
  • Unassembled and Unprimed


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale


Below is a link to the Artist - Pocket Dimension Studios


Pocket Dimension Studios is a one-man army specializing in bringing intangible ideas into the physical world through digital design for 3D printing.  Thank you for your interest in and support of their work!


- Interested in the digital 3D printing files?  Find this design and more for personal-use only, at and 


- Join the conversation!  Keep up to date with new projects and content at 


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