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Arctic Trench Set Terrain Piece (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

Arctic Trench Set Terrain Piece (Legion) (Sci-Fi) (DSM)

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Squamous Miniatures has created an amazing Arctic Trench set to be used as terrain for your next sci-fi tabletop engagement. This highly detailed terrain piece is flexible for many environments, desert, or arid.. frozen or hangar. This terrain goes anywhere!

 All parts are interchangeable and lock together using Squamous miniatures exclusive U-Clip secure technology.  Included in this purchase:

Straight, Bent & End Walls:

Turret Battery Wall:

Frozen Flooring:


Notes about the Artist:
Squamous Miniatures scale models between Heroic 28mm and 32mm (1:46-1:56 scale), and they are sculpted with care by a 30-year veteran of the toy industry for ease of assembly and painting.  If you are looking for a specific scale please email us at with your request and we will try to rescale.

If you are looking to print these amazing models of squamous Miniatures for yourself check them out here:

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