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Arctic Cannon Sled (Legion) (Pocket Dimension Studios) (SciFi) (DSM)

Arctic Cannon Sled (Legion) (Pocket Dimension Studios) (SciFi) (DSM)

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"I'm not sure I understand what I'm looking at, Phil."
"I think it's some sort of sled..."

Make way for the Laser Ice Cutting Thingamajig on two skis! Grab this obscure tank/sled/thing and charge into icy battle with gusto! Or just park it in the back of your hangar and let it collect dust, haha.

A perfect proxy for some kind of hover-based speeder type thing owned by the rebellious type of people!

I've worked with friend of PDS, Squamous Miniatures, to develop the crew for this model! Please find them here: They are amazing and so is David, so please send him some love and checkout his store and Patreon!

You Will Receive the Following:

  • Plain 100mm base
  • The Sled Main Hull
  • The turret and joysticks
  • The two under skis
  • The seat
  • The Pilot - By Squamous Miniatures


Native Scale 1:48 (Legion Scale


Below is a link to the Artist - Pocket Dimension Studios


Pocket Dimension Studios is a one-man army specializing in bringing intangible ideas into the physical world through digital design for 3D printing.  Thank you for your interest in and support of their work!


- Interested in the digital 3D printing files?  Find this design and more for personal-use only, at and 


- Join the conversation!  Keep up to date with new projects and content at 


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